Weekly Family Newsletter December 16, 2022 Week 18

We had an eventful week at PWA, which included a school delay due to icy roads. Thankfully weather predictions call for temps above freezing throughout next week, at least until Friday. If you didn’t receive our text notification about the delay, please be sure to opt into our text message alert system by texting PWAED to 33222.

We have four days of school remaining until winter break starts on December 23rd. Remember that during the break, PWA will be open for childcare for all students on 12/23, and from 12/27 to 12/30. The cost is $50 per day for elementary and middle students, and families may sign up by following this link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUrIEa_yOrWD5DHxEEIewkXP1tW34igQozkQmi3VTMrGhlVg/viewform). You’ll also find the link below. We ask that all guardians who plan to bring their children (infants through 8th grade) let us know via the link to help us plan staffing in advance.

In the meantime, our students will enjoy lots of fun activities next week in conjunction with their learning. It’s spirit week at PWA, and you’ll find a calendar of events below. Holiday parties will take place in classrooms on the 22nd, so please be on the lookout for information from your child’s teacher.

As a new year rolls around, we begin preparing for the next school year as well, and re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year opens on January 3rd! You’ll find tuition and registration information below, and you can reach out to Admissions Director and School Registrar Amanda Smyth here (mailto:asmyth@princewilliamacademy.com?subject=Re-enrollment) with any questions.

Our Scholastic Book Fair is done for another season, and we’d like to thank our PWA families for making this our most successful book fair ever! We are so grateful for your support, and look forward to using our Scholastic dollars to purchase new books for our classrooms and school library.

Have a wonderful weekend, PWA families!

Wishing a very Happy Hanukkah to our PWA families who will begin celebrating this weekend!

Next week is Spirit Week! Click the button below to view the schedule of events. Spirit Week Dec 19 – 22 (https://mcusercontent.com/5cce73ca32dfe2648ffe00182/files/279a438c-e773-221a-db76-aac8c2dd99fc/UPDATED_Spirit_Week_DECEMBER_19_23.pdf) Re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year will be open when we return from the holiday break! You’ll find a re-enrollment form and tuition information below. Completed forms may be turned in directly the office or via email to admissions@princewilliamacademy.com (mailto:admissions@princewilliamacademy.com?subject=Re-enrollment%202023-2024) . PWA 2023-2024 Re-Enrollment Form (https://mcusercontent.com/5cce73ca32dfe2648ffe00182/files/43cbd73c-f69c-90a9-cb30-c9dc849de7ad/2023_2024_Re_enrollment_form.pdf) 2023-2024 PWA Tuition Information (https://mcusercontent.com/5cce73ca32dfe2648ffe00182/files/a0e03533-9dbd-f632-abb5-cfaa1d060abc/2023_2024_Tuition_Rate_Sheet.pdf)

PWA will be open for for regular hours of operation for preschool students, and for winter break camp for elementary and middle students, on December 23rd, and from December 27 to December 30th. The cost for elementary and middle camp is $50 per day with advanced sign up, and $75 per day for drop-in care. Please click the link below to let us know whether your child (infants through 8th grade) will be in attendance on these days.

Winter Break Sign Up (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUrIEa_yOrWD5DHxEEIewkXP1tW34igQozkQmi3VTMrGhlVg/viewform)



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