One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. – – Frank Smith, Psycholinguist

Our Foreign Languages program is unique, and sets Prince William Academy apart from all other schools, public and private, in the area.

Studies show that children who are exposed to a foreign language from a young age not only have a better chance of developing fluency and near-native pronunciation, but gain more general cognitive advantages as well. All Prince William Academy students, from preschool to middle school, study two foreign languages. All students take Spanish as their primary foreign language, and classes are held three days per week. Students also take a secondary foreign language of their choice–either Arabic, or Mandarin Chinese. Secondary foreign language classes are held twice weekly.


“El español o castellano es un hermoso idioma, inventado o creado por gentes que amaban la belleza….”
– Fortunato Brown, Peruvian author

“Spanish or Castillian is a beautiful language, invented by people who loved beauty….”
– Fortunato Brown, Peruvian author

All students at PWA take Spanish classes three days per week. Jr K and up take formal class taught by Ms. Nuria Alonso, a native of Valladolid, Spain.


                                      طلب العلم من المهد إلى اللحد

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” 
– Arabic proverb

Arabic classes are held twice weekly and are taught by Dahlia Yassin. Please see our Arabic Program Overview for more information.

Mandarin (Chinese)

学习是永远跟随主人的宝物 [學習是永遠跟隨主人的寶物

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere….”
– Chinese proverb

Students Jr K and above may choose to take formal Mandarin classes.

Mandarin classes are held twice weekly. Please see our Mandarin Program Overview for more information.




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