Elementary School

Our elementary program, which spans kindergarten through fifth grade, offers rigorous academics combined with engaging activities that make learning exciting and fun. Small class sizes (capped at 15 per classroom) facilitate the kind of individualized attention that enables each student to learn at his or her own level. Whether your child is achieving above grade level, or needs some extra help, our teachers can meet each student’s individual needs.


"My kindergartener can do 4th grade public school math. I am really excited about [her] educational achievements. And I love the small class sizes...." - PWA's Parent Satisfaction Survey

PWA's kindergarten is a full-day program that strives to engage and challenge our students academically. Our program consistently garners accolades from satisfied parents who find that their children graduate from kindergarten with an advanced understanding of concepts that the public school does not introduce until first grade.

Our kindergarten language arts program is phonics-based, and introduces children to the writing process. Students also utilize a math textbook from McMillan, and are often doing basic multiplication by the end of the school year.


Language Arts

Students are introduced to writing sentences with correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Students learn spelling rules and master weekly spelling tests, including sight words. Our kindergarten students are able to recognize and use phonics, including special sounds, in reading.


Students are introduced to concepts covered include addition facts through 18, two-digit addition and subtraction, counting and combining coins, telling time to the hour and half- hour, and skip counting.


Students explore concepts in science that relate to health and human biology, other living organisms and environments, Earth cycles and systems, seasons, weather, Earth’s resources, and matter.

Social Studies

Students learn from their teachers and one another about their immediate environment. Kindergarteners explore concepts related to patriotism, national symbols, good citizenship, and the importance of following rules and respecting the rights and property of other people.

Fine Arts

Students expand upon their knowledge of colors and mediums by learning the Color Wheel. They also further employ the elements of design using various mediums.


Students continue to develop their keyboarding skills by learning to typing their names, addresses, phone numbers and a few sentences. These students use software to enhance their keyboarding techniques and learn the layout of a keyboard. They also learn to utilize appropriate buttons, menu choices, and commands to manipulate the computer when completing learning tasks. During technology class students learn the difference between hardware and software and create and edit text documents.


Kindergarteners begin to build their knowledge of a variety of songs and types of music through music class. Children at this level also perform in school-wide musical events, including singing songs in the languages they are learning in our World Languages program.

Physical Education

Students are introduced to the various types of equipment housed in our gym, and learn to use them and the space of the gym properly and respectfully. In class, they participate in activities that help them improve basic motor skills, and gain an appreciation for the importance of physical activities.

World Languages Program

Students in this age group are able to identify basic greetings and vocabulary terms that coincide with the curriculum themes, and they sing themed songs. Teachers utilize visual aids to reinforce vocabulary, and engage students in listening, speaking, and writing activities. They identify basic commands and expand on previously learned vocabulary terms. The students are introduced to art and music, and cover topics including the alphabet, clothing, family, feelings, counting to 30, and pets. Language teachers engage their students in singing songs that develop a child’s musical talent and ear for correct pronunciation and intonation. Three times a year, students participate in special performances for their parents during the Winter Program, Mother’s Day program, and an end-of-the-year program.