PWA offers numerous, quality programs for students and parents. These include before and after school care; tutoring, which parents may request on an individual basis from teachers at the school; and extracurricular activities such as painting, soccer, basketball, dance, and martial arts classes.

You can also find information in this section regarding our school lunch program, and childcare on snow days. Please refer to the left menu to learn more about specific programs.

Before and After School Care

"Ms. Carreker is such a sweetheart. She always has a smile on her face." - The Sulaiman Family

We offer before and after school care for parents who must drop their children off before the school day begins, or pick them up after classes are over. Before care begins at 6:00 am, and after care runs from the end of the school day until 6:30 pm.

In before care, our preschoolers work on computer skills and art projects, and have a breakfast or snack from home. Meanwhile, our elementary students read, work on their computers (doing school approved activities, of course!), complete homework, or get a head start on their lessons for the day. They too may have a snack or breakfast from home.

During after care, our preschoolers do art projects, play on the playground or in the gym, have a snack from home, and finish out the day playing with friends. Our elementary students work on their homework with the guidance and assistance of our elementary teachers, who rotate as aftercare instructors. The students also play outdoors or in the gym and have a snack.


Prince William Academy offers one on one tutoring services in all subjects, conducted by our teachers. The cost is $40 per hour, and the sessions can be conducted before or after school at PWA.

Please see the office or contact Lindsay at if you are interested.

Extracurricular Activities

In partnership with local companies and organizations, we offer stimulating extracurricular activities for our students, including dance lessons, drama classes, musical instrument lessons, soccer, and engineering. Many activities are available for children ages 2 and up.

Please contact the office if you are interested in enrolling your student in one of these activities.

Winter 2017-2018 Activities:

Brochures are available in the office! Parents sign up directly through each organization.

Childcare on Snow Days

Child Care Policy if Schools are Closed

We try our best to open for child care even on snow days (when regular school is closed) to accommodate those parents who must report to work no matter the weather. However, safety is our primary concern and hazardous road conditions may prevent our staff members from getting to school, or arriving on time. If the roads are navigable, we will do our best to open for child care even on snow days; please call the school to make sure staff members have arrived before you leave home.

If either the Federal Government or the Prince William County Government closes due to inclement weather, we will also close entirely for the day, and cannot open for childcare.

School Lunch Program

Prince William Academy’s cook, Veronica Manocchia, creates meals daily in our commercial kitchen. Our kid-pleasing meals incorporate whole grains, fruits, lean meats, and vegetables. Milk is also available daily.

Lunch packages may be purchased at the front office.

We are an entirely nut-free school. Jelly sandwiches are available as a substitute for any meal.

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