Infant & Toddler Center

Welcome To The Infant And Toddler Center At Prince William Academy!

Our Program Features:

  • Newly renovated facilities, outfitted to meet the needs of infants and toddlers
  • Experienced, top - quality teachers and staff
  • Very small group sizes
  • Daily routines that build language, cognitive, and motor skills
  • Customized lesson plans for each individual child
  • Lots of love!

Infant Program

During infancy, it is vital that caregivers provide consistency, stability, and predictability, while enabling new experiences and opportunities for learning. We adopt an on-demand approach, and meet babies' needs as they arise and are communicated.

Our Infant Program includes children ages 6 weeks through 15 months.

Children are placed in small groups, which allows them to grow accustomed to their teacher and other children in the group, fostering the development of basic trust. Children receive their own lesson plans each week, tailored to their individual needs. Click here for to view a sample Infant Room lesson Plan. Infants aged 10 to 15 months are grouped together to facilitate their growing sense of mobility and independence.

Daily routines are both flexible to suit an infant's evolving needs, yet predictable so that the infant feels secure in his/her environment. See our Infant Room Daily Schedule. Throughout the day, children focus on different developmental stage activities, including cognitive, verbal, and motor skills, language arts, sensory awareness, art, and music.

Toddler Program

As they grow into toddlers, children become more mobile and more independent-minded. They still require routine to make them feel secure, but they become increasingly willing to test boundaries and try new things. Our routine in our Toddler Room is more structured, but includes lots of leeway for toddlers to make their own discoveries and learn to make decisions.

Our Toddler Program includes children ages 15 to 24 months.

A flexible sequence of routines and activities reinforces and promotes the development of social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination, sensory perception, practical life skills, and cognitive preparation for their academic future. Day-to-day activities take into account our toddlers' growing sense of independence and mobility.

Please contact our office with any questions or interest in the program. You can reach us by phone at (703) 491-1444, or by email at