Infant & Toddler Center

Welcome To The Infant And Toddler Center At Prince William Academy!

Our Program Features:

  • Spacious, clean facilities outfitted to meet the needs of infants and toddlers
  • Experienced, top - quality teachers and staff
  • Very small group sizes
  • Daily routines that build language, cognitive, and motor skills
  • Safe, enclosed outdoor space for exploring
  • Lots of love!


Our caregivers provide consistency, stability, and predictability, while enabling new experiences and opportunities for learning. In our infant rooms, we adopt an on-demand approach, and meet babies' needs as they arise and are communicated.

Our Infant Program includes one room for children ages 6 weeks through mobility, and another space for mobile and walking toddlers. Children ages 16 - 24 months join our toddler room, where they learn the skills they will need in preschool. Our preschool program starts at age 2.

Parents recieve regular updates through our HiMama! app, which provides information on feeding, diaper changes, and naps throughout the day. 

Daily routines are both flexible to suit our little ones' evolving needs, yet predictable so that the children feel secure in their enviroment. Throughout the day, our teachers focus on different developmental stage activities, including cognitive, verbal, and motor skills, language arts, sensory awareness, art, and music.


Please contact our office with any questions or interest in the program. You can reach us by phone at (703) 491-1444, or by email at