Covid-19 Notice

Prince William Academy Covid-19 Notice

PWA's physical building is closed for the remainder of the school year -- but we've taken our learning online! All of our students from Jr Kindergarten through 8th grade take classes in language arts, mathematics, Spanish, Mandarin or Arabic, and p.e. Our elementary and middle school students also take science, social studies, art, and music online.

We believe it is vital during this time of social isolation for our students to maintain a real-time connection with their teachers and classmates. Therefore, all classes are synchronous (live), via Zoom and Google Classroom. As in our school building, we cap online class sizes at 15 students, in keeping with our philosophy that smaller group sizes promote more effective learning.

We are currently accepting applications for our online school program. Contact us today for more information!

We send our love to all your children, and wish you and your families continued health and safety. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


Our preschool (infants and toddlers - preschool 3s) is currently closed, and we are carefully watching developments in Virginia to determine when we can reopen safely. Please contact our school at for information, or to be added to our contact list for preschool.