At Prince William Academy, our small class sizes enable teachers to gauge the individual needs and level of each student, and to provide the kind of personal attention that allows each student to thrive. Are students are challenged, but never frustrated. Whether they need a little extra help, or are operating one or two grade levels ahead, we work hard to accommodate all our students' needs.

We are a secular school that believes in preparing our students to become good citizens. We practice moral respect through role modeling by being respectful to the children, guardians, other staff, and the administration.  "Yes, Sir" and "Yes, Ma'am " are routinely heard around our Academy.

We develop our own curriculum, drawing inspiration from Montessori practices and the International Baccalaureate Program. Our foreign languages program is designed to help our students become well-rounded, global citizens.  Above all, our curriculum reflects our school's priorities and diverse character.

Please explore the pages for each grade level, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our curriculum.

Art, Physical Education and Music

At PWA, all students take weekly music classes. Starting in Jr. Kindergarten, students also take weekly art and physical education classes. Art Program our art room is a bright, open space with lots of natural light and loads of resources to facilitate our students' creative expression. Physical Education the Gym/Multipurpose Room is utilized daily for free play and recess time (during inclement weather), and weekly for guided P.E.. Music Classes Each week, students take choral music classes, learning new songs and preparing for holiday and end-of-the-year programs.


Our library houses over 4,500 books, and offers a comfortable space in which to browse and read them. Compiled and catalogued almost entirely by parent volunteers, it represents our school community at its finest. Students visit the library at least once per week, and may check out books for school-related or personal reading.