Preschool 3s

Beloved teacher Ms. Bibiana Quiambao with her students

“Ms. Bibiana is amazing! She is able to treat each child as an individual and discover each child’s talents and abilities. We are so appreciative of all that she does to help our children learn and thrive, and live up to their full potential.” The Sachs Family

In our preschool 3s program, daily circle time and the utilization of math and language arts workbooks teach our students letter and number recognition, counting, sorting skills, and new vocabulary.  Songs hone listening and comprehension skills. Our preschool program is designed to instill in our students a life-long love of learning, starting with the basic premise that learning is and should always be enjoyable.

Academics are mingled with plenty of outdoor and gym time, art projects, language classes, and music. Some of our three-year-olds take afternoon naps, depending upon their needs and parents' preferences.


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