Junior Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Students recognize their names, letter sounds, sight words, and use of punctuation in a sentence. Students learn to identify upper and lower case letters as well as beginning, middle, and ending sounds. At this level, the students begin writing letters, words, and sentences. Students read sentences and stories with one and two vowel words. Students participate in daily story time.


Students learn to count through one hundred. They also skip count and write by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100. Students recognize monetary values (coins and dollar bills), telling time, addition facts using numbers 1-10, and basic subtraction.


Our Junior Kindergarten students conduct hands-on science investigations in order to foster a love for scientific study. Students continue to explore science concepts related to body awareness, seasons, outer space, plants, and animals. Beginning in Junior Kindergarten, students visit the science lab a minimum of twice per month. During science lab, students participate in whole group and individual exploratory learning activities.

Social Studies

Students explore concepts related to patriotism, national symbols, good citizenship, and the importance of following rules and respecting the rights and property of others.

Fine Arts

Students are introduced to the elements of design are introduced, as well the color spectrum and how it relates to color mixing. Students learn the elements that form the basis for effective compositions and color schemes, and explore mediums such as collage, tempera, and dot paintings.


Students utilize their classroom computers for center time and one-on-one learning. The students are able to access content-related activities and websites that support instruction. Students learn how to use a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, touchpad, and other input devices as available.


Students learn and sing a variety of songs and types of music. They also participate in school-wide musical performances.

Physical Education

Formal physical education classes begin in Junior Kindergarten. Students are introduced to the various types of equipment housed in our gym, and learn to use them and the space of the gym properly and respectfully. In class, they participate in activities that help them improve basic motor skills, and gain an appreciation for the importance of physical activities.


World Languages Program

Students in this age group learn basic greetings and vocabulary terms that coincide with the curriculum themes. They also sing themed songs. Teachers utilize visual aids to reinforce vocabulary, and engage students in listening, speaking, and writing activities. They identify basic commands and expand on previously learned vocabulary terms. The students are introduced to art and music, and cover topics including the alphabet, clothing, family, feelings, and counting. Language teachers engage their students in singing songs that develop a child’s musical talent and ear for correct pronunciation and intonation. Three times a year, students participate in special performances for their parents during the Winter Program, Mother’s Day program, and an end-of-the-year program.

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