Jr. Kindergarten

Zainab's class

Zainab Murad's delightful Jr. Kindergarten class

“My son has been thriving….. We are excited about Prince William Academy and are looking forward to the new academic year.”   The Steed Family

Our Jr. Kindergarten program is consistently the most popular at our school–and with good reason. Our Jr. K students learn at a kindergarten level, and leave our program with a jump start on elementary school.

Our Jr. K teachers utilize a language arts textbook from the Open Court Curriculum, which teaches letter knowledge and phonics awareness, and sound and letter associations. Our program strives to prepare students to read. They also utilize math texts form the McGraw-Hill curriculum, which emphasize thinking strategies for problem solving by teaching students that counting and math can apply to every area of their lives.

Our Jr. Kindergarteners explore science and social studies concepts through a thematic system which ties stories and art projects to core concepts. At its core, our program is designed to help our students develop self-confidence as they learn in a cooperative setting, interacting with their peers and acquiring skills to explain themselves and their reasoning.



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