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Middle School Grade Seven Curriculum

Language Arts

Seventh graders are able to develop a research paper with a clear introduction, thesis statement, supporting details, and conclusion. They also write in different forms, including exposition, narration, and persuasion. In reading, seventh graders are able to identify and analyze character, setting, plot, and themes such as alliteration, dialogue, and figurative language. At this level, students are responsible for daily journal writing.


The seventh grade math program builds upon skills learned in the sixth grade to strengthen knowledge in preparation for algebra and more advanced geometry. Students learn to simplify algebraic equations, and are introduced to linear equations and the Pythagorean Theorem. Seventh graders learn to apply basic concepts of geometry, including calculating the surface area of three-dimensional figures, probability and statistics, and algebraic reasoning and functioning. Students also work in depth at solving two-step equations, graphing linear equations, identifying three-dimensional shapes, and using transformations. The students also build skills in math using the ALEKS online learning program.


Our seventh grade curriculum is a laboratory and activity-centered program that provides students with a broad foundation through the biological sciences using a hybrid curriculum. The curriculum provides an introduction to life science and the characteristics of living things, classification of organisms, plant and animal cell structure, the characteristics of unicellular and multi-cellular life, genetics, the structure and function of human cell tissues and organ systems, and the structure and function of plants. Students are required to present a complete science fair project, which includes a lab journal, research paper with cited works, and an organized, neat display. During science lab, students participate in whole group exercises as well as individual or pair and share exploratory learning activities.

Social Studies

Civics and Economics

Seventh grade students examine the roles citizens play in the political, governmental, and economic systems in the United States.

Fine Arts

Seventh grade students complete projects with a demonstrated mastery of the elements of design and a focus on artistic style. They also study ethnographic art, as well as the old masters and their impact on art movements throughout history.


Students learn about how various careers incorporate technology. They continue to utilize their computers for most school-related tasks, and use new tools in various content areas, including math and science. They also learn and demonstrate the ability to create PowerPoint presentations.


Middle school students demonstrate appropriate choral behaviors. The students sing melodies written in traditional notation on the treble staff, in unison, or in two parts. At this level, students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and musical works from different periods of music history, and continue to develop an understanding of the relationship of music to history, culture, technology, and other fields of knowledge.Students gain a cultural perspective of music and the value of music in society.

Physical Education

Students continue to develop strength, endurance and flexibility by participating in a wide variety of individual and team-based activities. They also learn about the importance of developing good health habits, and of regular exercise. They participate in team sports, including soccer and basketball.


World Languages Program

At this stage, students engage in oral presentations to demonstrate knowledge of subject-verb agreement, infinitive verbs, and definite and indefinite articles. They engage in more complex dialogue, and are introduced to cultural dances, traditions, and holidays.

Language teachers engage their students in singing songs that develop a child’s musical talent and ear for correct pronunciation and intonation. Three times a year, students participate in special performances for their parents during the Winter Program, Mother’s Day program, and an end-of-the-year program.

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