7th Grade

Mathematics objectives progress in complexity at 7th & 8th grade level and throughout the middle school courses. Students in the middle grades use problem solving, mathematical communication, mathematical reasoning, connections, and representations to integrate understanding within all the strands. We focus on inculcating in our students the deep mathematical understandings required for success in abstract learning experiences, and teach them to apply mathematics as a tool in solving real-life problems. In doing so, we provide Prince William Academy students with some of the tools they'll need to shape their futures.

In language arts, the students utilize Glencoe Literature's The Reader's Choice Course 2 to add complexity to the act of reading. The students are required to go through a highly interactive process that requires them to rapidly, fluently, and automatically process print, and then bring their own experiences and knowledge of the world to bear in deriving meaning from the text. The reading curriculum focuses on word analysis and vocabulary development, as well as comprehension and independent interpretation. The selected materials include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, myths, legends, folktales, electronic media, songs, comic strips, and comedy scripts.

The students will also use Glencoe Writer's Choice Grammar and Composition text to help them hone their expository skills in writing.

In science, we employ a digitally-based curriculum and interactive learning platform by Pearson that integrates technology with hands-on scientific experimentation.

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